"Today’s work takes many forms.  In Working Virtually, Trina offers ideas with impact on how to think and act as a virtual employee.  The ideas are fresh and practical.  The impact will help individuals, teams, and organizations work better across time and space."

Dave Ulrich
Rensis Likert Professor, Ross school of Business University of Michigan
Partner, The RBL Group​

Let Virtual Distance Bring Your Team Closer ​

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Didier Elzinga, CEO and co-founder of Culture Amp about Working Virtually

"Some key takeaways for me were:

  • Technically enabled, people can work virtually and still have a seamless connection to the team. In 2015, telecommuting was named the top desired employee benefit. No organization wants to lose its best people because of a long commute, a spousal relocation or childcare conflicts. Organizations experience 20 percent reduction in turnover when virtual work is an option.

  • Bring people together digitally and face to face, synchronously (live) and asynchronously (when they work best). Organizations add value when talent is supported and well deployed.

  • The real purpose of virtual work is not to allow distance but to create synergy without limitations of time or space.

Anyone who wants to build stronger relationships across time, space and teams will find value in reading this book."

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