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Introduction – The Network is the Workplace
Chapter 1 – Vital Mindshifts in a Mobile World

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The 4th Path to Career Relationships

Trina Hoefling shares her story...

When I was eight years old, I knew I wanted to be a writer and teacher. Every week I would include as many spelling words into an original story as possible. It a weekly assignment to strengthen our spelling and vocabulary. I enjoyed it, challenging myself to use every word each week without it seeming forced.

I lined up my stuffed animals on my bed and taught them whatever lessons were most interesting to me in school, a teacher by nature. 

In 7th grade, I wrote my first real poem -

     Wooden people

     Living wooden lives

     Running around in

     Wooden bee hives.

     And then I find

     Way back behind

     A bunch of thickets...

    A family of




That poem didn't win any awards, but I liked it. I've journaled my entire life, outlined more books than I'll ever finish, freelanced and written numerous training programs and speeches.  

In the 1990's I started writing about what I learned when I helped implement telework solutions for clients like

  • JP Morgan
  • AT&T
  • Coca-Cola
  • International Truck & Engine
  • McKesson Corporation, and
  • Lifeway Christian Publishing, to name some of my favorite customers.

In 2000, that became the 1st edition of Working Virtually.

I was a chapter author of The Handbook of High-Performance Virtual Teams. My chapter is on how to establish swift trust on virtual, often temporary teams. You can read it compliments of The SMART Workplace.com

Telecommuting has become a desirable employee benefit and necessary business option, no longer only for brave early adopters when I began.  

Technology had transformed; the primary workplace is the network. Yet people are still key. 

Careers are less tied to physical presence. Yet virtual workers still feel isolated.

People understand how to communicate using social media. Working Virtually is not so rare.

The workplace had caught up to the concepts I shared in the 1st edition of Working Virtually: Managing Organizations and People for Virtual Success. I saw a need for my experience, and my publisher thought the timing was good.

So... I dived into a couple years of mostly being a writer. I reconnected with old colleagues and flexwork experts, as well as new clients and professional friends. The new edition shares my findings for today's workplace

I wrote what I and others know is most helpful to organizations, teams and their leaders, and all professionals who want to thrive in today's increasingly virtual workplace.

THANK YOU for finding this book. I hope to hear about how it helps you on your path to virtual team and career success.

~ Trina Hoefling


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Threefold Path for High-Performance Virtual Teams 

Let Virtual Distance Bring Your Team Closer

Team members aren't always working together in the same place at the same time. They disengage or leave when their team leader doesn't connect them to the work and their coworkers.
The virtual team leader is the key to high-performance virtual teams that work on purpose.

Working Virtually shows you how to be that leader or team member.

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